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San Jacinto Leadership Academy

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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Year School Opened:  2011

Enrollment:  Maximum number of students = 360

Grade Levels:  6-8

Name:  San Jacinto Leadership Academy

What’s in a name?  Everything!  We are an ‘academy’.  Academics, learning, developing strong intellectual capacities—these are what we aspire to.  We are a ‘Leadership’ academy.  In simplest terms, leaders influence others.  At our school we teach and train our cadets to be leaders with character—the traits necessary to build teams who achieve their goals.


San Jacinto Leadership Academy exists to educate, train and inspire its students (cadets) in such a way so that each cadet becomes a recognized leader of character dedicated to the four Core Values of Citizenship, Competency, Communication, and Character, and is prepared to aggressively continue their journey to college and towards a career of professional excellence and service to the community and country.

We educate with high-quality learning opportunities, build self-discipline through a structured, positive environment, and inspire our cadets through professional, mentoring relationships.  The focus is always on the cadet:  preparing them for their future—a journey of excellence in their chosen fields as well as genuine service back to their neighborhoods and beyond.
The San Jacinto Leadership Academy exists to build tomorrow's leaders today.

Application Requirements:  the following are the minimum criteria for entry.

    2.0 Grade Point Average on the most recent, completed grading period with no failing marks in any core subject area.  For 5th grade applicants, this is equivalent to a ‘3’ or above in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
    California State Test results:  ‘Basic’ or above on the most recent year of published results.  ‘Basic’ equates to a numerical score of at least 300 in both English Language Arts (ELA) and Math.
    Behavior:  No expulsions from any school from any district for any reason.  No suspensions within the previous school year and no pattern of disruptive or defiant behavior.  We are NOT a ‘recovery’ school.  We ARE an ‘acceleration’ school.
    Attendance:  an above average attendance record.
    Motivation:  a desire to commit to the instructional and operational philosophies of the Leadership Academy to include the wear of the uniform and adherence to all dress and appearance standards.


All cadets must maintain the minimum criteria listed above to continue as a member in good standing of the Leadership Academy.


Translated, this means “Lead by Example.”  At our school, we put into practice our corps values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  Leaders understand that they can only take their team as far as they are willing and committed to go themselves.  That begins with each of us as the staff.  We will lead by example!

Mascot:  The Lion

The lion has always been a symbol of the leader… the bold, ‘take action person‘.  Lions live and travel in teams called ‘Prides’.  Thus, the San Jacinto Leadership Academy is the home of the ‘Lions’ – the Pride of San Jacinto!

Date of Origin:  15 August 2011.

Unique features of our school:

Uniforms:  Our cadets wear uniforms that clearly identify them as members of a proud team.  Affiliated with the century-old California Cadet Corps, our uniforms are distinctive, utilitarian, and professional.

Gender-Specific Classrooms:  Boys in one class, girls in another.  We recognize the growing body of evidence that supports the different development rates of the brain and neurological systems of boys and girls.  This does not make one better than the other, just different.  By understanding these differences and adjusting our lesson delivery, we produce a more effective and efficient learning environment.  Now, outside the classroom, we fully integrate all of our cadets in a school culture that promotes mutual respect.

Structured, Positive Daily Procedures:  Our school borrows the best of the military traditions to provide our cadets every opportunity to participate in leadership practice.  Thus, our cadets learn Drill and Ceremony, Customs and Courtesies, Dress and Appearance, and other leader-centric materials; and then teach them to each other.  Peer Instruction is a powerful tool to put leadership concepts into play at any age, especially during the adolescent years.

Balance Between Academics and Physical Fitness:  Leaders understand the value of both.  The most powerful influencers not only have the mental toughness but the physical toughness to outmatch their opposition.  So, our Physical Education priorities will always focus on fitness, competition, and athletic skills.  As General MacArthur so aptly stated, “On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear the fruits of victory.”