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8th Grade Military Ball

F.A.Q.s regarding the Military Ball
  1. What is the Military Ball? The Military Ball at SJLA is celebration commemorating our Eighth Graders for all their hard work and perseverance throughout their years here at the Leadership Academy. The night entails dinner, dancing, and some of Our Military's time honored traditions such as the ceremony honoring those missing in action or prisoners of war. Also included in the night's festivities we hear from some of our top Cadets who have shown excellence in all three of their years at SJLA. 
  2. How much does it cost to attend the Ball? All 8th graders are FREE! Students may buy up to 2 tickets for family members. Tickets cost $15 each. All unclaimed tickets will be released for general purchase about two weeks before the Ball, giving families an opportunity to purchase more tickets if they desire. 
  3. What is the attire for the Military Ball? The Ball is semi-formal to formal, depending on ones preference. Ladies are asked to not wear clothes that are too revealing and dresses/skirts that are not too short. Gentlemen are asked to wear a shirt, tie,  and slacks. 
  4. What if I bought a ticket and cannot attend? Your ticket is both your receipt and proof of purchase. Please present your tickets at your early convenience for receive a refund.
  5. What if I need more than my allotted amount of tickets? You are more than welcome to purchase additional tickets once the unclaimed tickets are released for sale about 2 weeks before the Ball.