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How do uniforms work at SJLA? 

Uniform of the Day

The guidelines regarding uniform have been set. Black Polo Shirt: Our basic uniform is identified as the ‘Polo Combination Uniform’ because the distinguishing feature is the polo shirt. It must be black, have the SJLA logo and cadet’s last name embroidered on the front. It must be clean, without out wrinkles, without fading, and in good repair. It must be worn tucked in at all times with at least the bottom button buttoned. No long sleeved garments of any kind should be visible or worn under the Black Polo shirt. Undershirts are recommended and must be either black or white and without writing. The undershirt, should be sized so that the undershirt sleeve is not visible when worn with the Black Polo Shirt. Pants: With the Polo Uniform, you have a choice of wearing Khaki pants or Khaki shorts. ‘Khaki’ can range from olive drab, tan, to a sand or oyster color. Tan Khaki is the preferred color for SJLA. Pants must reach to within ¾ of an inch off the floor, be clean without stains or wrinkles, and no fraying edges. Shorts must reach within an inch of the knee cap, be clean without stains or wrinkles, and no fraying edges. Black Belt: While the military-style web belt is the least expensive and most durable, any black belt with a simple black, gold, or silver buckle is acceptable. The length of the belt shall not have an excess of more than three inches beyond the actual buckle. Black Shoes: It is very important to support the foot with a sturdy pair of shoes. A good pair of athletic shoes or walking shoes is highly recommended. However, the minimum requirement is that the shoes be black with black laces. Small variances in color due to the manufacturer’s logo are acceptable as long as the overall appearance of the shoes is black. No slip-ons or Velcro straps are allowed. Shoes must be clean and in good repair with no holes in the soles or the tops of the shoes. Shoe laces must be properly laced up at all times. Black Socks: Only plain black socks with no logos nor any other color are allowed. The socks can be of any length as long as they remain below the knee and are visible when worn with the shoe. Please note: Girls are expected to wear their hair in single ponytail, single braid as an option, with the ponytail pulled through the back of the Black, ball cap-style cap. Girl’s bangs are to be styled back and away from the face. A single black headband, for the purpose of controlling the bangs is authorized. Boys are expected to keep their hair trimmed so as to be off the top of the collar and off the top of the ears. For both Girls and Boys, hair should be kept a natural color at all times and nails should always be clean and trimmed. 
Friday Uniform:
White Dress Shirt (Fridays): Also referred to as the White oxford shirt; this is the distinguishing feature of the ‘Dress Combination Uniform’. Specifically, the shirt is a white dress shirt that buttons down the front with a buttoned-down collar. It must have the SJLA logo and cadet’s last name embroidered on the front; be clean, stain-free, and neatly ironed. It is worn tucked in at all times with all buttons buttoned except the very top button. A White, Short-sleeved Undershirt is the only undershirt authorized for wear with the White Dress Shirt. Lanyard (Fridays): each cadet is issued a SJLA Lanyard for the purpose of displaying the recognition they have earned over the course of their time at SJLA. It is a required item for wear with the Dress Combination Uniform.