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 Welcome to History!
8th Grade U.S. History 
CN: Political Parties Group Presentation Notes Friday 1/19/18
CN: What's the Big Deal About the First Five Presidents? Friday 1/26/18
 CN: Hamilton vs. Jefferson Friday 2/2/18
 CN: Great Explorers & Trails of the West! Friday 2/8/18
Map of the West  Friday 2/8/18
 PROJECT: Black History Month BINGO  Feb. 28th
7th Grade World History 
CN: Medieval Europe Quickfacts Friday 1/19/18
Medieval Europe Map Activity Friday 1/19/18
Google Classroom Hyperdoc: Medieval Europe Friday 1/19/18
CN: Monks, Nuns & Saints  Friday 2/2/18
 Work on Medieval Time Project Various Due Dates