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Principal's Message

Principal's Message


Welcome to the San Jacinto Leadership Academy! The staff at the San Jacinto Leadership Academy welcomes you to the 2021- 2022 school year. We hope that you will find this year to be rewarding, relevant, productive, and enjoyable as we build success in each cadet-- beginning with their academic achievement. Our vision is to enable you to acquire the knowledge, learn the skills, and develop the attitudes necessary for you to realize your full potential. We hold firmly to our Corps Values of Character, Communication, Competence and Citizenship and expect that they will help guide you to a highly successful year. There is one thing I definitely want you to remember: we are here to help. If you experience obstacles in your educational career, feel free to ask questions or seek assistance from any staff member. That’s what we are here for—to assist you in academic pursuits and school activities.

Now, I’ll let you in on the secret to a leader’s success. I call it the Hustle Factor. If I were a mathematician, I’d write the equation like this: 


Let’s break it down. FOCUS is that ability to ‘zero in’ on what’s important at the moment. It’s the discipline to tune everything else out except the task at hand. Great leaders are not easily distracted. POSITIVE ATTITUDE is recognizing that life is not perfect, neither are people, neither am I, and neither are you. It’s the attitude that encourages, that stays enthusiastic, and ignites your best effort regardless of your current circumstances. It’s also very contagious and great leaders spread positive attitude to the rest of the team! COMPETITIVE SPIRIT understands that the best of life is what you earn, not what is given to you. It’s being motivated to try new things, to have no fear of failure, but instead, to fight on, willing to push beyond your limits to achieve the goal, the prize, the reward. Great leaders always rise to the challenge and they finish strong—great leaders never give up. So, start right now putting into practice the Hustle Factor. 

I am excited for you! I look forward to working alongside you in your pursuit of your academic and personal goals—and as you develop as a confident leader now and in the future! 

Have a great year! 

FRANCIS W. SICK, JR., Colonel, USAF(ret)