School Site Council

2023-2024 SSC Meetings 
(Dates are subject to change. 6PM-7PM (times may vary), invitation will be sent out with 72 hours notice)
  1. August 24, 2023
  2. October 19, 2023
  3. January 18, 2024
  4. March 21, 2024
  5. April 18, 2024
  6. May 16, 2024
School Site Council (SSC) meetings are held via Zoom
The School Site Council (SSC) is a decision-making group that provides oversight on matters dealing with Federal and State funded programs. 

The elected members of the SSC represent parents, students, community members and school staff in school governance. By state law, the SSC must oversee the site-based budgeting of categorical funds and the development and monitoring of the SPSA, The SSC is expected to:


  • Review and analyze student data

  • Solicit community input, including feedback from other committees.

  • Assist the principal in developing the Academic Plan and school site budget.

  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the SPSA on an ongoing basis.

  • Approve the SPSA before it is submitted to the District for final review and board approval.

Los miembros elegidos por votación para el consejo escolar (SSC) representan a los padres, estudiantes, miembros de la comunidad y personal de la escuela. Por ley estatal, el SSC debe supervisar el presupuesto de los fondos categóricos que la escuela recibe y debe desarrollar y monitorear el Plan para el Logro Académico de los Estudiantes (SPSA). Las expectativas para SSC son:
  • Revisar y analizar los datos académicos sobre los estudiantes
  • Solicitar la participación de la comunidad, incluyendo a otros comités de las escuela como ELAC.
  • Asistir al director en el desarrollo del SPSA y el presupuesto de fondos categóricos de la escuela.
  • Monitorear y evaluar la implementación y efectividad del SPSA de manera continua.
  • Aprobar el SPSA antes de enviarlo al Distrito para la aprobación final de la junta directiva.

Parent Involvement Plan

(English)(Spanish) and Parent Compact Plan (English)(Spanish)

The Parent Involvement Plan will be developed and agreed upon with parents of participating Title I students. A school-parent compact will also be developed between the school and parents as it is a requirement for all children who participate in Title I activities. The Parent Involvement Plan and Compact will be posted online and distributed via the Student/Parent handbook.


All public schools in California are required to annually prepare SARCs and disseminate them to the public. SARCs are intended to provide the public with important information about each public school and to communicate a school's progress in achieving its goals. English and Spanish copies of the SARC will posted on the District website and Site website. Hard copies will be made available upon request.