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How do uniforms work at SJLA? 

Uniform of the Day

All Cadets are required to wear the school designated attire. Only articles of clothing that are part of the SJLA uniform can be worn. The uniform must be worn correctly and completely while on campus. If a cadet is in uniform while off campus, the expectation is that the uniform will still be worn correctly as to represent the school with honor and respect while out in the community.


From the first day of school to the last, the uniform must consist of khaki pants or skirts or shorts (with black belt), black polo shirts, a white button down oxford shirt (on Fridays), black tennis or dress shoes (with black laces, black socks,, and a black jacket as sold by the San Jacinto Leadership Academy. All clothing is to be neat, clean, and in good repair.  Contact information to order uniforms is located in our office.


Black polo shirt: must have the SJLA logo, be buttoned one button from the bottom and tucked in neatly. All undershirts must be short sleeve and either black or white and without writing.  The Black polo shirt will be worn Mondays through Thursdays unless directed otherwise for special circumstances.


White oxford shirt: must have the SJLA logo, be neatly ironed, buttoned from bottom button to second from the top button, and tucked in neatly. The white oxford shirt will be worn exclusively on Fridays and when directed for special circumstances.


Pants / shorts / skirts: must be khaki in color and worn with belt loops, and a black belt. The length of shorts and skirts must extend near, but not beyond, the top of the knee cap. They must be worn appropriately at the waist and be of appropriate size. Name-tag buckles are not allowed. Pants should be full-length and hemmed so that there is no cuff dragging on the ground.  Shorts and skirts must be worn with the black polo shirts on Mondays through Thursdays. Pants or skirts will be worn with the white oxford shirt on Fridays.


Hats/Beanies  (optional for PE only): black hat with the SJLA insignia. Hats are to be worn in the manner in which they are designed to be worn. Bills are to be worn squarely to the front so as to provide optimum protection from the sun. Hats are never to be worn inside a building or classroom.  Hats may be worn during PE only. Solid black beanies may be worn when weather falls below 65 degrees.


Sock / Shoes: must be all black and no longer than crew length (no knee-high socks). Shoes can be of any style as long as they are lace up (with black laces) and are as close to all black as possible.


Jackets: must be the black zip up with the SJLA logo  or the black crewneck sweatshirt with the SJLA Logo.  No other outer garments are permitted.


Skin: must be clean with no visible body piercings, tongue piercings, facial piercings, or tattoos.  Earrings may not be larger than a pencil eraserhead.


Hair: Boys’ hair should be worn short. Girls’ hair must be worn in a single ponytail that sits above the collar of the black polo shirt worn Mondays through Thursdays, or be short enough that the hair does not touch the collar of the shirt. French braids are permissible. Girls’ hair must be in a bun that sits above the collar of the white oxford shirt that is worn on Fridays, or be short enough that the hair does not touch the collar of the shirt.  All hair color must be a natural color. Students with distracting hair colors may be called to the office and asked to return home and have it dyed a natural color.


Accessories: Male cadets may not wear earrings or piercings of any kind while in uniform. Female cadets may only wear earrings no larger than a pencil eraser. All cadets may wear one watch or bracelet on each wrist, and prescription glasses as an accessory to their uniform. Sunglasses are permitted outdoors.


Backpacks and/or book bags are permitted to be carried between classes, but should not pose an obstruction to safe passage in the classroom or on the ramps.   


Consequences for not wearing the appropriate uniform will be as follows:

  • Every five uniform infractions will result in a one demerit.
All lost or worn out items must be replaced as soon as practical.
For ALL uniform orders please
e-mail your orders to Mr. Vollmar: