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 Welcome to History!
8th Grade U.S. History 
Notebook Coverpage Friday, Aug. 16th
History Day Topic Worksheet Monday, August 19th
CN (Cornell Notes): Who Cares About History?  Friday, August 23rd
CN: Hey, Let's Map the US of A! Friday, August 23rd 
CN: How Does Europe End Up in America? Friday, August 30th
CN: 13 British Colonies Friday, Sept. 6th
CN: French & Indian War Tuesday, Sept. 16th
CN: 13 Colonies Presentation Notes Tuesday, Sept. 16th
CN: Road to Revolution Friday, Sept. 27th
Essay: The Most Important Ideals of the Declaration of Independence (6 paragraphs) Friday, Oct. 11th
CN: Gettin' Some Freedom! Friday, Oct. 11th
CN: Battle Presentation Notes Friday, Oct. 25th
Essay: Valley Forge. Would you have Quit? Monday, Oct. 28th
CN: Creating Our First Government Friday, Nov. 1st
NHD Projects Dec. 3-6th
CN: Dude, What's in that Constitution? Dec. 6th
CN: Gee... I Wonder What My Rights Are?  Dec. 13th
Stations Workfolder Dec. 20th
**Quizzes are on Fridays** 
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